Community Integration & Public-Private Partnerships

Forest City has demonstrated industry leadership in creating mixed-use developments that demonstrate long-term public-private partnership within our urban core markets. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ensure the success of these unique projects. Our development commitments are aggressive and innovative, require thoughtful and creative planning and execution, and are essential to our projects’ success.

To ensure we construct thriving places with sustainable value, we engage a variety of local stakeholders, particularly during the early phases of planning. We seek insight into our stakeholders’ individual needs, challenges and requirements, and work to integrate their feedback into our developments’ mix of functions, design and community amenities. We work with our public partners on delivering community benefits that are responsive to the surrounding neighborhoods and city as a whole. Community benefits may include affordable housing, supplier diversity, public transportation access, local jobs, community or nonprofit amenities and public green space.

Our community outreach programs before and during development include civic engagement, public meetings, emails, door-to-door canvassing and community hotlines. These actions often go well beyond the requirements outlined in our development agreements. We’ve demonstrated that this level of engagement helps ensure the creation of longstanding, successful developments that are responsive to local needs and complement and integrate with existing neighborhoods.

Community engagement doesn’t end when a new property opens. Forest City helps foster community ties between our new and neighboring residents and tenants. We create neighborhood guides that direct people to nearby amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment venues and transportation. For example, associates in New York City focused on enhancing transportation networks, including walking and biking paths and ferry access, between the surrounding boroughs and our new Pacific Park property. Across our portfolio, our building managers host meet-and-greets with residents, tenants and visitors, and organize events such as music festivals, rooftop movie nights, charity events and farmers markets.