Recruitment, Onboarding & Training

Talent Management

We rely on the talent and skills of our workforce to develop and manage our properties and create sustainable value for all stakeholders. Attracting and developing top professionals allows Forest City to remain a real estate leader and innovator of places where people, businesses and communities thrive.

Forest City associates enjoy an inclusive and flexible work culture, comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation. Our active training and engagement programs prepare associates to enhance their abilities and to excel both personally and professionally. We require and provide for each member of our workforce to receive regular, detailed performance evaluations that provide valuable feedback and additional opportunities to contribute to Forest City’s sustainable growth.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Our Human Resources team provides new hires with a consistent, high-quality onboarding experience. We produce detailed job descriptions with day-to-day responsibilities for each open position. Once we attract high-talent individuals who align well with Forest City’s core values, our onboarding program provides the information, training and tools needed to succeed right away.

Our talent attraction and orientation practices align associates’ everyday duties with Forest City’s mission and vision, fostering an engaged and productive workforce. Through our engagement activities, we contribute to a low associate turnover rate and provide enhanced continuity of experience for our residents and tenants.

In 2017, we introduced a new onboarding program that provides new hires with an immersive introduction to Forest City’s culture, mission and core values. The orientation experience begins the day a candidate accepts a job offer from Forest City and continues through the first year of employment. All new hires attend virtual or in-person orientation sessions in their first month of employment. Forest City executives take part in the sessions to engage with new associates.

Forest City emphasizes proactive and open communication among associates. We foster strong interpersonal relationships between new hires and their managers through weekly check-ins, and continually seek feedback from all participants to learn ways to further strengthen our onboarding experience.

Associate Training & Development

Our ability to build and maintain a skilled workforce reflects Forest City’s continued success. We design training programs that promote productivity, accountability and foster leadership qualities. Our in-depth approach helps associates develop the cross-functional capabilities required to succeed in designing and managing a dynamic property portfolio.

Effective succession planning is a critical aspect of talent management and Forest City’s talent strategy. We continue to focus on improving our ability to identify top talent. In 2017, we completed comprehensive talent reviews across the entire company. We used the talent reviews to identify high-performing associates and create personalized development plans for these individuals. We will use these development plans to prepare our top talent for future career opportunities and ensure their continued growth and success within Forest City.

Last year, our HR team developed core leadership competency profiles for use in future talent reviews. These core competencies derive from desired behaviors at Forest City such as Collaboration, Communication, Customer Focus, Flexibility, Initiative, Continuous Learning, Strategic Thinking and Empowerment. In 2018, we plan to further refine our performance management process through a management skills training program designed to reinforce core leadership competencies, to help associates refine and expand their skill sets. The competencies will also be integrated into our talent acquisition process and managerial training program.

2017 Forest City Associate Turnover by Associate Age

Age Grouping # of Associates % of Total
Under 30 years old 77 20.0
30–50 years old 193 50.1
Over 50 years old 115 29.9
Total 385 100

2017 Forest City Associate Turnover by Associate Gender

Gender # of Associates % of Total
Male 235 61.0
Female 150 39.0
Total 385 100