Health & Wellness

Associate Health & Wellness

We promote the health and well-being of our associates through our membership with the Health Action Council, a nonprofit that serves as a resource and advocate for employers offering health and wellness benefits to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and affordability of healthcare. Through the Council’s resources, we educate our associates while providing effective plans for our workforce.

Healthyroads Program

Our Healthyroads wellness program lowers healthcare costs for the company and helps to educate our associates about common health issues, lowering their risk of developing serious health conditions. Our voluntary wellness program is open to all associates, their spouse or partner and other adult dependents. The program includes fitness challenges sponsored by Forest City, lifestyle coaching sessions, online educational resources and preventative medical visits. When participating associates complete various healthy activities, they receive points that can be used for rewards.

At Forest City, we recognize that our associates’ well-being is not only tied to their physical fitness, but to the health of the whole person. Beginning in 2018, we will continue to expand the horizons of our health and wellness program to more closely reflect our core values of Sustainability & Stewardship and Community Involvement. These are cornerstones of Forest City’s culture, and we are excited to offer additional activities, such as financial wellness classes and tools and incentives for educational and cultural event attendance. In addition, we will offer new community involvement opportunities aimed at providing associates with a more holistic well-being program. In 2018, Forest City will also launch a cross-functional Well-Being Committee that will create and coordinate activities and programs throughout the year designed to enhance associate engagement and support a healthy and balanced work culture.