Associate Engagement

A Stronger, More Engaged Workforce

Forest City’s internal engagement programs underscore our core values of teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit and enhance our associates’ employment experience. Our goal is to ensure that associates understand why they are at Forest City and how their individual talent improves our business and the lives of our residents, tenants and communities. We make this vision a reality through a continuous focus on ways to expand the resources available to our associates. Our HR Associate Services Team provides our associates on-demand access to the most requested information on common HR topics such as benefits, life events, payroll and timekeeping and associate development.

Employee Engagement Survey

Forest City’s “FC Voices” associate survey is a crucial tool for our associates to provide feedback about their employment experience as well as input to the execution of our strategic goals.

In 2017, we refreshed the format of the FC Voices so we may receive associate feedback on a more frequent basis. Instead of the traditional annual survey, FC Voices now captures workforce feedback on a quarterly basis, with three shorter pulse surveys and one extended survey each summer. We also updated the survey platform to provide more timely results and analysis, allowing our leadership to quickly address key concerns, trends and opportunities identified by our associates.

We administered two FC Voices “pulse” surveys in the second half of 2017. The quarterly survey includes 10 statements with which associates are asked to rank their agreement (using a 1–5 scale). In total, 39 percent of associates completed the initial survey in August and 32 percent of associates completed the second quarterly survey in December. The results of the two initial surveys reflect our associates’ resiliency and continued commitment to Forest City, with increased scores for the following statements:

  • The mission/purpose of Forest City makes me feel like my job is important
  • I know what is expected of me at work
  • My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person
  • All things considered, this is a good place to work

One statement which recorded a drop in score from August to December was “I believe the company is headed in the right direction.” This is likely a result of Forest City’s recent review of our strategic alternatives at the end of 2017, which created a level of uncertainty among our workforce. With this review complete, we anticipate this score to increase. In 2018, we will work closely with department managers to address this area of concern with our associates. Another key focus for us will be to increase overall associate participation in future FC Voices surveys.

Our Future Headquarters

In early 2018, Forest City opened our new corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. For more than a year leading up to this important milestone, our leaders implemented a full change management and communications program for associates. Our goal was to proactively engage associates to provide clear information and opportunities to get involved with the planning and preparations related to our move into our new corporate office space in Key Tower.

Prior to selecting Key Tower as our new headquarters location, we surveyed our Cleveland associates about their preferences for the new office location, including commuting preferences and proximity to neighborhood amenities. We incorporated the survey results into our site selection process.

Early in 2017, we held associate focus groups to learn our associates’ questions and concerns about the headquarters relocation. We also used these meetings to compile associate feedback on the features they valued the most in their new workplace. As our new headquarters space entered the design phase, we again engaged our associates to interact with mock-ups of their personal workspaces. We solicited further feedback about specific office equipment, as well as proposed floor plans and office layout.